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U.S.S. Stargazers Awards

These are awards that the USS Stargazer has received:


We received this aware on Star Date 1999.27.3 from the Great Web Site
Starbase 147

The USS Stargazer II is now in the Printed word. Check out this great book.


We received this notification on 1999.9.12 Here is the message that I got...

You're special!
Your site has been chosen to appear in our book!

The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers

Note: This book is no longer in publication.

This e-mail is "official notification" that USS Stargazer II is now

mentioned "in print!" That's right, your web site is mentioned in The Incredible

Internet Guide for Trekkers!

Our 320-page book lists your site along with 2000 "choice" Star Trek sites,

cross-references them in any of 170+ categories along with sample screen

captures, descriptions, and even foreign sites! Book Reader Magazine calls

The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers "an extravaganza of Trek!"

To find out more about this hot new book that helps Star Trek fans find

what they're looking for online, go to


Facts on Demand Press

PS Our web site offers the book at THE lowest price available online -- save


We Received this Award from Fedplace Web Site on Stardate 2000.12.01
Please visit this great site for all kinds of cool stuff.

:=/\= LCARS Star Trek Federation Place =/\=

We Thank Joerg for this great award and the comments.


We Received this Award from Starbase Adran on Stardate 2006.01.01
Please visit this great Starbase Site. They have a great team of engineers that have done a great job on the base with the graphics, database's, to the lighting. This Starbase is a pleasure to visit.

Starbase Ardan Award


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